Since a young age, I have loved to express my creative side with drawing and painting, where I experimented with

different styles.

My first love as a child was painting monsters and later in my teenage years I fell for graffiti and street art.

This was followed by a phase of creating prints.


During the last decade I have been working in men’s fashion as a designer.

Here I designed T-shirts, sweatshirts,

knitwear, jackets, shirts and accessories. The last seven and a half years I worked for a European fashion brand

which provided a great amount of experience and development of my skills in creating design based on mood

boards and trend forecasts to a final and commercial product/collection.


Furthermore, I make artworks for the music industry, mainly for underground record labels, who's

main customers are DJs.


By having numerous clients demanding different styles, I am developing my creative skills and are always in an

evolving innovative design process. The aspects of creativity and innovation was a key reason for me to turn to

freelance and founded my own company.

Phone: +4560188222


Address: Ved Straden 5. 3 sal. 2,

9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Aksel Larsen

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